An erotic massage parlor


An erotic massage parlor is a place that cannot be ignored by any man. I will tell you about all the benefits that I have recognized for years that I have visited such places. Also I will present the rating of such parlors in Moscow, so you will learn places that are worth visiting.

A consumation


Do you know every Saturday night men are cheated of their money by beautiful girls in clubs and restaurants? This section is going to help you to get around that and save your money at your own pocket.

How to hire a prostitute


Do you really think it is easy to find a prostitute in Moscow? No such matter! I will tell you about my own experience, give you a piece of advice how to be safe and sound pertaining to your health and personal property. Also you are going to know some kind of secrets in this very case.

Kept women


This section is some kind of a direction for use. Here I am going to tell you about such girls as kept women, to divide them into main groups and talk you through particularities of their search. You will also find out projected basic financial cost of this pleasure.